Why Purse Hooks Are So Damn Important

Ok, so think about how many times you have been out to eat and you have either put your purse on the floor or on the back of your chair.

Now, think about how many times you have accidentally walked out of a restaurant and almost forgotten your purse? Or, how many times you have almost tripped over your bag because you had it on the floor.


Blue Swarovski Crystal Purse Hook at Amazon.com

Now, think about how many people have passed behind your chair in a restaurant while you have had your purse there.

We don’t think anything might happen, but with all the stuff we keep in our purses, it takes one time for it to really screw us.


FUMI 3-in-1 Bracelet, Charm and Purse Hook at Amazon.com

Now, I have seen purse hooks ten thousand times before and I had resisted it and resisted it and questioned why I needed to buy one, but eventually I broke down and bought a purse hook.

Purse hooks come in all sorts of different styles and colors and they all fit perfectly on all tables. Purse hangers, like this Pink Rhinestone Magnetic Foldable Purse Hook sold by Amazon.com, even come with elegant velvet sacks to keep them protected inside your bag.


Pink Rhinestone Magnetic Foldable Purse Hook at Amazon

There are two different types of purse hooks out there. The regular purse hooks which I have (and that is shown above) and the folding purse hanger which is below. The decorative piece on the top of the purse hook not only is a stylish accent, it also acts as a solid brace to hold your purse in place and it’s rubber back protects the table you attach it to.

folding purse hook>

Chatt Pink & Swarovski Crystal, Folding Purse Hook at Amazon

There is just a little bit of difference between them so choose what works for you. I personally have found the hanger to be more solid but it is slightly bulkier.

The folding purse hook folds neatly way into a small round piece that is much easier to keep in your pocket, wallet or a small clutch if you would want to keep it there. Below is a great video showing you a purse hook in action, I encourage you to check it out.

So there you go. A simple, easy and affordable way to keep your purse and all its contents safe at your side everywhere you go.

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  3 comments for “Why Purse Hooks Are So Damn Important

  1. Joyce L
    10 February, 2014 at 11:08 am

    Hi Stefanie, this is an amazing recommendation. At first glance I thought the purse hook will be pricey (looks fancy with the swarovski crystals), but turns out it is at such a great price point! And to be able to see it in action in the video you included is a very nice touch. Looking forward to more recommendations from you, keep posting!

  2. 2 December, 2015 at 7:03 pm

    These days, I’ve pretty much given up on carrying a purse altogether! I go everywhere with my husband anyway, so I just get him to carry all my important cards & ID. I love being able to go without a purse, though when it’s necessary for me to carry one again, I think I’ll be carrying those tiny little ones that can only hold a wallet, passport, and some tissue. That way, I won’t have to take it off when I sit down.

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