Wimsy and Sass Carrie Underwood Style

This video inspires me for an over the top photo shoot. I just want to take vintage dresses, furniture, go to a warehouse and play, lol. For me, inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere.

Carrie Underwood Pictures 2

My friend, make up artist Cynthia Mazzara turned me on to this video and I am so glad she did.

Carrie Underwood Pictures

Carrie Underwood rocks it with style and confidence in her video “Good Girl” off of her new album by the same name. Go ahead, watch the video and rock out yourself. Oh, and if this video inspires you for a photo shoot like it does me, call us up we would love to work with you.

Until then enjoy the video,

Stefanie Garcia

P.S. Carrie Underwood just came out with her new album, you can have a listen to it here.

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