Failure…It’s Embarrassing But Not Deadly

24 July, 2015

Ok, so recently I had the hair brained idea to try to jump on the bandwagon of a trend. It’s never worked for me before but this time it really called me.

When I have an idea to do something. Something that really, really pulls at me. I go for it. I don’t question it, I just dive in.

So there I went, I decided to create my very first Periscope Broadcast.

Judging by just how excited for it I was for it, I thought I had it in the bag. I was confident. Really confident.

I downloaded the app…I picked my subject…I told everyone I could about it and set the date.

The time came for the broadcast, I hit the button and…I choked.

I forgot everything I was going to say. I even had the script I had written in front of me, but with all the nerves, I couldn’t read it.

I was mortified. It took everything I could NOT to turn off the broadcast and quit right there. But I was live and there were people watching. There was no where I could hide. So what did I do?

I kept going.

Even in the face of the embarrassment. I acknowledged my nerves and stated my vulnerability.

And, do you know what happened?

Acceptance. Support. The people who were watching rallied around me, and I got through my broadcast. I regained my composure. I remembered my intention, the real reason I was there, and all the people I hoped to help. And, I finished strong.

The bonus- I feel that I got more response from failing then I ever would have gotten by being a complete success.


I was real, in a world where we all want to appear like we’ve all got it together.

And, I faced my fear. A really big fear. The idea of getting up in front of people and messing up (a.k.a. not being perfect) terrified me. But it happened, and the most important lesson is…I survived it.

It even turned out the be the best thing I could have ever done.

I say a few more words about the experience in the video above and I hope you will watch it. But even if you don’t and all you do is read these words I hope to send these important words to you.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll still be among the stars.”

Failure is not a killer, never trying is.

So shine like no one’s watching

Until next time everyone,