Mood Lifter Playlist

mood lifter play list
We all have days where we feel just a little bit crappy…even kinda off. Perhaps even, we don’t quite know why. Blame it on the planetary movement or whatever, but this was me Monday. Usually I would run to the snack foods, eating everything in sight, just for the sake of escape. Speaking of escape, usually I would do that too. Just tune out my feelings, which leds to one of the most harmful feels of all, anger. Which is never good for any relationship.

However, for whatever reason this week, I chose to not follow my norm. I chose, instead, to feel how I was feeling. To ride the wave of emotion however annoying they may be and question them instead of avoid them. It brought to me a whole new sense of knowing and an honesty I truly needed.

Now I am not a moody music person but music with a more emotional vibe spoke to me this week. Particularly the stuff that came randomly from the radio (while I drove in the car) just seemed like it spoke to me. So I jotted down the names of the songs in the order they played and created a list I saved to Spotify. I named it Mood Lifter Playlist.

Now, I will probably add and take away from this list over time, but for now, take a spin around with it. Tell me know what you think. Make some suggestions. I love good feedback as much as I love music.

The take away?

Follow your moods, we all have them. Don’t shy away or think of yourself any less just for having them. But don’t dwell IN them either. They are passing thoughts, and as so, should be allowed to pass through you. Allow the energy to transform you. Sometimes, it is just art and creative energy looking for another way out.

Your thoughts? Put them in the comments below.

Until next time,